8-16 April 2021
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08 Apr, 2021 /
Samsung Climate Solutions
Samsung WindFree: comfort unico, qualità dell’aria e connettività.
Samsung propone soluzioni per la climatizzazione innovative e incentrate sul comfort, co...
08 Apr, 2021 /
Sconto in Fattura. Offrilo ai tuoi clienti con Rinnai.
Sconto in Fattura con Rinnai. Con persone e strumenti diamo a chi installa e chi vende ...
06 Apr, 2021 /
Serie FCZ H, comfort e azione igienizzante profonda degli ambienti indoor / FCZ H range: comfort and deep-down sanitisation of indoor places
FCZH, il ventilconvettore con dispositivo fotocatalitico ad azione igienizzante profonda...
02 Apr, 2021 /
Ariston thermo spa
“Sconto in fattura” per gli interventi incentivati fino al 110%: l’offerta concreta e distintiva di Ariston, per il comfort del futuro
Il Servizio Ariston innovativo, completo e sicuro ideato appositamente per il profession...
31 Mar, 2021 /
Airconditioning - Enabling higher possibilities
Systems and solutions to provide energy savings, reliability and reduced carbon footprin...
/ 24 Feb, 2021
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Ukrainian metal hoses producer

"ECO-FLEX" LLC is a Ukrainian manufacturer of stainless steel hoses, leader of Ukrainian market of gas hoses since 2007. Now we are looking for a new business opportunities around the world.
We are interested to find wholesallers and distributors.   
Ready to offer a wide range of products:
  • Corrugated metal hoses as semifinished product
  • Gas hoses
  • Water hoses
  • Heat exchangers
  • Insulated metal hoses for solar panels
For our partnership we are ready to provide: hight quality products - to satisfy every customer market support - to reach best results together trustworthy and clear cooperation - to become your favorite supplier nice managers  - to enjoy the process of cooperation.

See you at our stand.
In lavorazione. Attendi.