8-16 April 2021
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/ 23 Mar, 2021
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Italian comfort with an international appeal

Fantini Cosmi, present in over 70 Countries with its temperature regulation and control products, now seeks to expand with the Aspira CMV

Fantini Cosmi has always brought “Made in Italy” products to the world. In fact, its expansion on foreign markets dates as far back as the 1960s. In the years following its establishment, the company’s fame began to spread: the excellence of its brand and products was recognised beyond the Alps and across the ocean.

It has not stopped expanding since the faraway 1960s. Today, the company and its products for the regulation and control of physical variables (temperature, pressure, flow) are present in over 70 Countries, among which all of Europe (Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, the Nordic Countries, Eastern European Countries); at global level, its presence ranges from Australia to Argentina, from South Africa to China, from Japan to the Middle East. In some Countries it is present with its own brand, thanks to a network of agents, distributors and importers, while in other Countries it works in direct contact with the industry as an OEM.

A strong presence in Europe

In Europe, the target markets are Germany, the Netherlands, France and Spain, where the company has well-organised commercial structures. In Germany – the most important Country in terms of turnover – Fantini Cosmi has two agencies that distribute in the entire territory. The company’s most important customers are in the German (and Austrian) market, as these countries are the home of the largest manufacturers of boilers and heating systems. The company’s largest exporters are in Holland and in Germany/Austria.

A well-structured organisation for exports

As for foreign markets, the Fantini Cosmi organisation is made up of four resources that work and coordinate the activities of the Caleppio di Settala site, plus three agents dispersed in the geographical areas where the company supplies the industries and where it therefore needs a more direct approach, characterised by technical consultancy services.

The export sales director and the Italy sales director report to the sales director. This ensures close collaboration and a more effective and efficient organisation of activities in each Country, since all areas are developed in coordination with each other.

Long-term customers

The company has over 230 active customers worldwide. Some of them have been with the company for years and have shaped the history of Fantini Cosmi. Among them we can mention the Cavalieri Brothers in Argentina, who have been importing Fantini Cosmi products, pressure switches in particular, since the 1960s. A lasting relationship, based on trust and product quality and, perhaps, on a natural affinity for all things “Italian” of this Country that plays host to the world’s largest Italian community.

The list of historic customers includes the Australia and New Zealand importers, as well as many others who have been working with Fantini Cosmi for decades, which demonstrates the company’s ability to keep up with the times and to continue to offer top quality and highly reliable products.

Some interesting facts… in a nutshell

The Country that is furthest away? New Zealand

The smallest Countries where Fantini Cosmi operates? Luxembourg, Taiwan, Armenia, and…Mauritius!

The best sellers abroad? Industrial thermostats: the company sells so many that, if we were to place them one behind the other, the capillaries (a sensitive element which, together with the bulb, “feels” the temperature) would cover the distance between Milan and Verona.

Traditions, habits and customs. In the 1970s, the then sales director of Fantini Cosmi had an entire collection of suits used for the dance of the Whirling Dervishes (a white suit with a long skirt that opens, forming a large circle when the Dervishes start dancing, rotating in circles). Back then, the Turkish importer, an old-fashioned gentleman, used to give Fantini Cosmi a dervish as a gift every time it paid him a visit!

Opportunities for growth with Aspira

Although Fantini Cosmi has by now solidified its global presence with its traditional products (for adjusting and controlling temperature, pressure and flows), the acquisition of Aspira a few years ago now allows the company to pursue new and interesting growth opportunities.

Established in 1940, Aspira is and has always been a benchmark company in the Italian ventilation sector. It has significantly contributed to the evolution not only of fans, but also of the very concept of ventilation in our country. Today, Aspira is a leading Fantini Cosmi Group brand. It supplements and complements traditional products with innovative integrated solutions for air treatment, which, together with regulation, aim to concretely apply the multi-comfort concept.

Fantini Cosmi is counting on Aspira products to increase its turnover abroad. These products differ from those that have been offered to the international market to date, which, therefore, require a new sales network to fully understand the needs of the customers who buy these products.

“One of the products we have chosen for export is precise controlled mechanical ventilation, represented by our Ecocomfort line”, explains Claudio Franceschini, Sales Director at Fantini Cosmi. “We have a cutting-edge product that comes in a very wide range, which is almost unique among European manufacturers. As we are ‘manufacturers’, we are also in a position to offer very competitive prices. This product is a great stimulus in terms of research and development: it is a product that behaves differently in various countries and thus needs to be adapted and have its own specific features. In this way, we can continuously develop the product with new technologies in order to meet the needs of challenging markets, such as those that suffer from very harsh winters.”

New challenges await Fantini Cosmi, which, with the experience accumulated in its 90 years of history, wants to keep growing and bring its Italian essence to the world.

If you would like more information about our product, we are here to help you: get in touch!

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