8-16 April 2021
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08 Apr, 2021 /
Samsung Climate Solutions
Samsung WindFree: comfort unico, qualità dell’aria e connettività.
Samsung propone soluzioni per la climatizzazione innovative e incentrate sul comfort, co...
08 Apr, 2021 /
Sconto in Fattura. Offrilo ai tuoi clienti con Rinnai.
Sconto in Fattura con Rinnai. Con persone e strumenti diamo a chi installa e chi vende ...
06 Apr, 2021 /
Serie FCZ H, comfort e azione igienizzante profonda degli ambienti indoor / FCZ H range: comfort and deep-down sanitisation of indoor places
FCZH, il ventilconvettore con dispositivo fotocatalitico ad azione igienizzante profonda...
02 Apr, 2021 /
Ariston thermo spa
“Sconto in fattura” per gli interventi incentivati fino al 110%: l’offerta concreta e distintiva di Ariston, per il comfort del futuro
Il Servizio Ariston innovativo, completo e sicuro ideato appositamente per il profession...
31 Mar, 2021 /
Airconditioning - Enabling higher possibilities
Systems and solutions to provide energy savings, reliability and reduced carbon footprin...
Turkish HVAC-R
/ 16 Mar, 2021
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ISIB – Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association

The importance of indoor air quality has once again been realised due to the Covid-19 pandemic, with increased demand for products in this category. The demand for HVAC&R products have increased both internationally and locally. During the pandemic, the Turkish HVAC&R sector continued production and deliveries successfully. Thus, the sector is growing and will continue to grow.
The Turkish HVAC&R products have high quality, with European standards together with competitive prices. That is the reason why 50% of products are exported to European countries. Furthermore, the expected amount of exports will be over USD 5 billion in 2021.
The Turkish companies know the importance of their products being exhibited in the MCE Exhibition in Milano. Over the years, more than 100 companies continuously exhibited in The MCE show. Real-life exhibitions are at utmost importance; the MCE show is crucial for Turkish companies and ISIB members are eager to have a real-life MCE show in 2022.
HVAC&R producers are also focused on R&D, that is why the products meet international standards.  One of the most recent and important outcomes is due to these efforts, containers from storage and transportation of COVID-19 vaccines in -79 degrees have been developed and are ready to meet the demand.
In lavorazione. Attendi.